Many Facets

Many Facets is for owner Patricia Castronova much more than the name at the top of her business card. In the naming of her company, Patricia explains what a love of gemstones has brought to her life.

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This month’s member spotlight features Myah’s, and owner Michael O’Neill. Situated right between Seattle and Portland in the northwest corner of the U.S. is the small town of Chehalis, Washington. Founded in 1883, Chehalis remains a small community, surrounded by the forests that led to Washington’s nickname, “The Evergreen State”. Continue reading

David Federman

In his nearly 40 years covering the jewelry industry, writer David Federman has made a lot of history and lot of enemies. The two usually go hand in hand in his profession, especially when the writer sees himself as a “proud practitioner of advocacy journalism. Today most journalists are forced to pay allegiance to a phony doctrine of objectivity, pretending to be neutral and presenting both sides of an issue. I learned pretty fast that there is only one side of an issue for most trade magazines because advertisers expect support of their industry and not criticism of it.” Continue reading

Jordan Clary

This month’s member spotlight features someone not immersed in the jewelry and gemstone industry as other featured members have been, but who’s passion for the culture of our industry has brought to life through words the things which have drawn so many of us in.

As a girl, Jordan Clary wrote everything down. She filled journals with observations of the world around her, moving into poetry and the creation of her own stories. Continue reading

MK Designs


This month’s spotlight features MK Designs, and founder Marian Kaye Strickland. After retiring from a successful career in the medical field to Florida’s gulf coast in 2001, Marian sought to follow two of her passions, namely jewelry and gems. Continue reading

Gem Miracles

This month’s member spotlight features Gem Miracles, and owner Marti Robers. In the midst of troubled economic times, Marti has taken her young company and found a niche in which to thrive.
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This month we feature Ken Thompson of Search4Gems. Hailing from the small sea side village of Whitburn in the Northeast of England, Ken lived through three careers before coming to the world of gemology. Continue reading

Tip Top Gem

A young David Fortier cursed the fact that he lived in Ohio. For a boy who loved rocks and minerals, keeping a collection of things found on the driveway and anywhere he could find them, Ohio was not the place to be. Continue reading

Dust Devil Mining

Ask anyone who has visited the sunstone mines in south central Oregon of their experience, and they will say that it is singular. To spend time in that arid, open expanse while digging in the hard earth could never be described as easy. Continue reading